You’ve heard of the Roland TR-808 – the drum machine whose distinctive sounds changed music production forever. Now, meet the MR-808 the mechanical robot that plays actual instruments designed that replicate the sound of the TR-808. The creation of Moritz Simon Geist, the MR looks to be size of your average New York City studio apartment and required extensive experimentation in tones to accurately reproduce those distinctive bass hits, toms and cowbell.

‘For the installation MR-808 eleven sound of the 808 were replaced by mechanical actuators and physical tone-makers. I designed all instruments in reference to the famous sounds of the TR-808. A huge number of experiments were carried out since 2011 and a variety of instruments have been built. The instruments include: Snare, Bass drum, Hi-Hat, Carabassa, Clave, Ride, Clap, Tom (3x) and Cowbell’

Check out Geist’s video demo and judge for yourself how well MR pumps that bass.