ROCCO ‘Vianna’ EP & ‘Quantum Project One’

French heavy weight producer and long time friend of the label, Rocco, is now back on Colourful Recordings! Going back to his techno roots sporting a gritty Lyon sound, A-side Viana, is building around a funky hook and housy beats. B side sees Rocco picking it up a notch with a techno groover Basic Channel esque style. On remix duty, romanian Marcman steps up to deliver an almost toolish remix of Viana thats been hammering the dance floors during the summer. Mastering by Andreas at Schnittstelle.


Those of you who know your house will be very well aware of this man. After 20 years in the scene, and filling stadiums across the world, French maestro Rocco lands in the UK with his latest release. A man who is used to associating with the likes of Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox and Alex Santos, Rocco is blessing Atjazz Record Company by following up his extensive canon of awe-inspiring music and granting us access to his brand new effort: P3 Jazz. Driving beats and heavy atmosphere permeate this release and fans of Rocco will certainly recognise the clever percussion and moody riffs. As we progress deeper into Rocco’s world we find further flecks of brilliance peppered throughout the release, be it 80s-influenced pops of electro-notes or snare hits that drive into your ears and down through your spine to get those hips moving. Then, as Rocco ascends, we find ourselves unexpectedly introduced to some breathier, more disco-infused elements that surprise and delight you with their distinct sounds and melodies. Bring in a brass section and the deal is sealed on Rocco’s latest masterpiece. We don’t stop there though; the release is given the full remix treatment as the Arco. family step into the fray, bringing some jagtime-tinged smooth notes and Brazilian percussive vibes to proceedings. Then we crescendo with a mood that both enervates and uplifts to polish off a complete sonic journey for you lucky listeners to undertake. Enjoy it!



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