In South Africa, this Frenchman is a firm favourite among the dancers. His productions have received a hammering from SA selectors; Memories has kicked started and closed many a dance party. His creative reputation is matched by his skill in the booth, and the dance-floor is sure to create many a memory.
( taken from pulseradio.net )
With exclusive unreleased mixes of « Memories », « Mama Used to Say », « Each & Everyday », « Something For The Floor » and other Rocco’s Classics…
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The Coromandel Peninsula on the North Island of New Zealand extends 85 kilometres into the Pacific Ocean. White sandy beaches, steep rocks, turquoise water and subtropical rainforest make this area a leisure paradise. Yet the peninsula is too sparsely populated, which is surprising when one considers its natural beauty and its proximity to Auckland, the largest city in the country. The beach where this small hut stands is situated in an official erosion zone. This accounts for the planning authority’s requirement that it should be in a removable form of construction. The architects, therefore, proposed a structure that could be moved on two wooden runners and drawn by a tractor to safer ground if necessary. Buried in the rear part of the site are a rainwater tank and a small, biodegradable septic tank. Electricity and drinking water are provided by the national supply system, and if the hut is moved, the service connections have to be relaid. Rainwater collected in the galvanized steel barrels on the roof is used for the shower and WC. The barrels also act as superimposed loads on the building, which has a structure of various sustainably sourced timbers. This helps the hut to withstand the strong storms experienced on the Pacific coast. A similar purpose is served by the huge folding shutter in front of the two-storey glazed north-east face. The shutter is opened and closed by a crank wheel, and in a raised position, it forms a canopy over the large areas of glass, through which sunlight penetrates far into the interior in winter. When the doors are open, internal and external space merge to form a continuum, and the room, only 40 m2 in size, extends out to the beach. In this way, the breadth of the sea can be fully experienced by the residents – a family with three children.

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LES NUITS DE FOURVIÈRE (Grand Théâtre Antique, Lyon). bjork Vulnicura

Avec Biophilia, son précédent opus, Björk explorait le vivant. Elle démontrait que la musique est, au même titre que les cristaux, les arbres ou les champignons, une forme de vie à part entière et le siège des symbioses les plus extraordinaires. Plus qu’une vision Biophilia était un documentaire par l’artiste elle-même sur son travail et sa conception de l’art. Son neuvième album Vulnicura, sorti en mars, poursuit l’exploration, cette fois de l’intérieur, au plus profond de son existence. Que reste-t-il de vie en nous lorsque le cœur se change en « énorme lac noir » ? Creusant au scalpel les moindres recoins de sa rupture amoureuse avec l’artiste Matthew Barney, Björk se livre à un bouleversant exercice d’auto-anthropologie. Vulnicura est un nouveau tour de force, la preuve ultime qu’il n’est pas aujourd’hui de spectacle plus vivant que la musique de l’Islandaise. IMG_3362 IMG_3375



À partir de Septembre, tous les lundis soirs de 21h00 à 22h00.