It’s hard to find The Flask Speakeasy Shanghai, and that’s the point. Alberto Caiola designed the exclusive locale, and it’s one of the hottest new cocktail bars in Shanghai. But, it all remains hidden behind an innocuous vintage Coca-Cola machine that’s located in The Press, a quirky sandwich shop. Just a twist of the machine’s coin return and you’ll enter the strikingly modern watering hole.

When you see The Press, you’d never realize that there’s a bar behind it. The place has concrete walls, a pink drop ceiling and a bright orange counter. Having a vintage Coke machine just adds to its unique decor.


At night, guests enter the Flask Speakeasy through the vending machine’s door. Once inside, they’re welcomed by an amber-lit interior that combines the aesthetics of a 1920s-era America speakeasy with futuristic design elements. Brown tufted leather couches and copper-topped tables are offset by bold, geometric sculptures that hang from the ceiling. It’s meant to feel contemporary, cozy, and intimate.

The bar is now open for those who are privy to it. So if you’d like to attend, visit The Press and tip your server well. Maybe you’ll get invited back to the Coke machine later that night!

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Tribe Records presents #‎MIXMONDAY‬ v62.0                                                            Rocco edition, a brand new and exclusive mix, available for FREE DOWNLOAD! tumblr_n55igf7onY1r2hbi9o7_1280

1.    C-Major (SA) – Funny Faces (Main Mix)  [Atal Music]
2.    Sander Mölder – In Your Eyes (Lay-Far Remix)  [ITJ]
3.    Stratoliner – A New Luv (Original Mix)  [STRD]
4.    HNNY – Nothing (Original Mix)  [Local Talk]
5.    AtJazz & Fred Everything – The Beast and The Ghost (Original Mix)  [Lazy Days]
6.    Merrick Feat Baxley – Do That (Origina Mix)  [Local Talk]
7.    Pepe Bradock – 4  [Atavisme]
8.    Hyenah – The Chase (Beatsdrumental Mix)  [Freerange]
9.    Hyenah – The Chase (Original Mix)  [Freerange]
10.  Djeff Afrozila – African Mermaid (Rocco Deep Mix)  [Tribe]
11.  Culoe De Song – Y.O.U.D. (Original Mix)  [Innervision]
12.  Klement Bonelli – Les Cartes (Album Edit)  [Krome]


Mountain Cabin / Marte.Marte Architekten 

Location: Vorarlberg, Austria /

Photographs: Marc Lins

 At the edge of a wooded ravine, beneath the imposing wooden house of the Catholic Community of Sisters, the small tower building rises from the steep hillside. Striking and modest in appearance, it stretches up out of a small hollow situated on a narrow path along the edge of the forest. The only change made to the hillside is the driveway and the terrain has been left in its original form.

Fitting into the landscape as if it were a barn, the building, which is a fine example of the homogeneous use of materials, in this case, carefully hewn rough concrete, stands out against the meadow green and winter white. Its ashy-gray colour only contrasts slightly with the heavy oak front doors and the anthracite-coloured handrails blend in with the branches of the surrounding forest. As if they were punched into the walls, the square windows of different sizes are spread out across the walls, and their full effect is only achieved at the corners.

The integration of the outer surfaces requested by the client is a kind of artifice. At the entry level, which is accessible via a flight a steps, the structure narrows down to two supporting corner columns, which not only provides guests with the unique opportunity to look through the building while at the same time enjoying a panorama view of the surrounding landscape, the whole time protected from the elements, but also lends the entrance a sense of significance. Inside the column, a spiral staircase connects the living area on the upper level with the two more private areas on the lower level, where the bedrooms and relaxation areas are interlocked like a puzzle. Semantically speaking, this gesture of the tower creates archetypes of fortified structures and abstract computer figures in your mind’s eye, making the tower seem familiar and strange at one and the same time.

Inside, the openings punched into the double-walled concrete shell are transformed into framed landscape paintings by wide, matte solid oak window frames that do not take up much wall space. These framed windows direct the guest’s attention to the prominent mountain chain, the gentle slopes and the dense forest grove. Besides the raw concrete surfaces and the untreated oak floors, doors and fixtures, the black metal surfaces complement the harmonious, austere combination of materials. The client and architects haven’t built a flimsy holiday house, but instead a place of retreat that will remain standing for generations, despite any forthcoming changes of climate and landscape.

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