www.nuits-sonores.comN/S  2014 FESTIVAL / LYON                                            CONCERT SPECIAL:                                                     KRAFTWERK 3D                                                                Dimanche 01 Juin – 20h30 / L’ANCIEN MARCHÉ DE GROS                                     

KRAFTWERK  THE MAN MACHINE‘  [Capitol Records] 1978.

Ralf Hütter – electronics, voice. 
Florian Schneider – electronics, voice. 
Karl Bartos – electronic percussion. 
Wolfgang Flür – electronic percussion.

Kraftwerk is a legendary band and The Man Machine is one of their most astounding albums. Opening track « The Robots » proves that Kraftwerk, not Daft Punk, pioneered the pop-stars-as-robots posture, and is catchy as Hell to boot. « Metropolis » and « Spacelab » are lush, pulsing pieces of techno (before techno even WAS techno). « The Model » single-handedly sets the stage for pretty much ALL of New Wave. « Neon Lights » is a breathless wonder of gorgeous, twinkling synthesizers. And the title track–man, try getting the propulsive opening melody of « The Man Machine » out of your head once it’s in. (I can’t.) All in all The Man Machine is a compelling statement of Kraftwerk’s significance and a fantastic starting point for a first-time listener. Kick back and let it soak through you.


KRAFTWERK  RADIO-ACTIVITY‘  [Capitol Records] 1975.




KRAFTWERK  AUTOBAHN‘  [Emi Records] 1974.


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