HYENA  ‘THE WISH‘ (Manoo Darkside Remix)  FRD190 [Freerange Records].

Release Date: 04.21.2014  Out now on: beatport



Living up to its maker’s moniker, ‘The Wish’ by Hyenah is a fierce and powerful debut EP, an animalistic expression of the deepest and hardest of dancefloor movers, equally good to shake dark musty cellars or rock those open-space summer raves. Whilst ‘The Wish’ and ‘King Kobra’ keep the deep, dark and hard vibe going strong on Side A, Manoo‘s remix of ‘The Wish’ reigns on Side B with a tribalistic deconstruction, a spine-shivering hypnotic ride through those haunting landscapes present in the original non-dub version. The samples above also include an alternate ‘Manoo Darkside Remix’ which is only available digitally so we’re going to skip that altogether.

‘The Wish’ is a straight, down to earth, no-nonsense release that will shape dancefloors worldwide for months to come. Bag it, play it, rock it!


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