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France’s house music DJ and producer ROCCO is bridging the gap between Europe, South Africa and the US.
With his « The Bridge’ released by Mzansi’s House Africa Records, Rocco features the legendary Byron Stingily, Ziyon from Liquideep, Khensy, Kafele, Akram and others on the set.
Rocco says he is blessed to have a living legend (Byron Stingily) on his album . « It was an honour working with him, » reffering to Byron, who wrote the lyrics of “Love Me Back”.
The album is now released after he did a bit more work on the album with “Gold” collaboration with François Aymonier, Alex Finkin, Anthony Mayzil, Sébastien Grand, Torré Bros, El and Kaylow.
As a gift to his fan, he revisited “Memories” , a “South African Anthem” which was originally created in collaboration with Marcel Schooler on spoken words on 2003.
Rocco says he has good relations with artists in the US and SA, and this album is a way of bridging the gap between SA, the US and us (Europe). « This is a Uniting album, » he says proudly about the set.
On his choice of House Africa, the music name says this was an easy choice as House Africa is passionate about house music, « especially deep house music ». « It was easy to choose them as I have good relations with Tim White, Vinny Da Vinci, and Glen (Strat3gy), and they also trust and believe in the artists they work with, than only worry about the numbers (sales). « They have always shown support for the music, » he concludes.
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